Wrongful Practice Reporting

Unfair practices or abuse of power using the job position as well as corruption cases from the Sinokor Group employees can be reported.
The identity of the informer and the content of the report are fully protected and the invesigation result will be notified.

  • No disadvantage or discrimination are not imposed on the informer reporting with justifiable reason.
  • The identity of the informer and the content of the report are not disclosed against the informer's will and will remain confidential.
  • Employees who assist in the process of investigation will be provided equal protection that are provided to the informer.
  • The voluntary reporting about unethical acts of oneself may reduce the purnishment.
  • In the event that the informer is discriminatorily treated due to the reporting, it may be noticed to the Department in Charge of Ethical Management and the department will take all possible measures to minimize the disadvantage.
  • The ethical standards include the content that retaliatory acts are prohibited to protect the informer.

  • Protection of the informer is based on reporting under the real name and submitting proof, and the information of the informer or other interested party will be guaranteed with strict confidentiality.